Rental Qualification Requirements

Rental Qualification Requirements

All residents over 18 must fill out a separate application and pay a separate application fee.  Applications will not be processed until all applicants have submitted online.


Total combined monthly income of all qualified applicants must be at least 3 times the amount of the monthly rental rate. Verification required in the form of supervisor/employer and pay stubs and most recent year W-2.  

a. If currently unemployed, last year’s tax return indicating income meeting the         

income requirements and a savings account balance equal to 12 month’s rent is required. 

b. If employed less than 6 months, a savings account balance equalling 12 month’s rent must be verified. 

c. Student loans will be considered as income and will be included to qualify. 

d. If self employed/retired/disabled - Applicants must provide a copy of tax returns from the most recent year, or copies of 3 most recent bank statements showing proof of ability to pay rent for the term of the lease, or meet the income requirements as listed above. 


Applicants must be employed by the same employer for no less than 6 months.  Should a prospect have recently changed employment, they must have 6 months prior verifiable employment with the former employer with no more than a 3 month gap between jobs, as well as current verifiable employment. Recent graduates within 6 months of graduation date with first full-time employment, and military personnel within 6 months of start date will have 6 month requirement waived.


Credit history comprises but is not limited to the following: 

a. The absence of credit itself will not disqualify an applicant 

b. The address which appears on the credit report must match the rental application or discrepancy explained satisfactorily. 

c. Any sum owed to prior landlord(s) must be paid in full. 

d. Medical related credit and/or student loans will be excluded from credit qualifications. 

e. Personal bankruptcy within the last seven (7) years must be discharged; and will require 6 months' positive re-established credit history, a guarantor and/or an additional deposit equal to 1-month’s rent.  

f. Prior foreclosure of real estate requires a guarantor and/or an additional deposit equal to 1-month’s rent.  

g. Total collections exceeding $500.00 will result in denial.  

h. An I-20, DS-2019, L-Visa, or ITIN number will be accepted in lieu of a social security number. WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED  

Rental History

a. Minimum 6 months verifiable residence history is required. (rental reference) 

b. Private landlords – must be verifiable via PVA and you must provide a copy of a rental agreement in addition to rental reference.  You may also be required to provide additional evidence such as utility bills, check stubs,  etc. 

c. The absence of rental history or unverifiable rental history will require a guarantor. 

d. Negative rental history or Forcible Detainer Judgment within the last five (5) years will result in denial.   

e. No more than 1 late rental payments in the past 12 months or NSFs. 

f. No more than 1 late mortgage payments in past 12 months or NSFs; 6 months verifiable homeownership required  

NOTE: If you have rented from our company before as a resident or occupant and had any of the following within the last five (5) years, your application will be rejected: a forcible detainer filed, lease termination, asked to vacate the property due to lease violations, damages  or an unresolved or outstanding balance. 


A lease guarantor will be accepted for applicants whose income, credit, length of employment, and length of rental history does not otherwise qualify. Guarantors will not be accepted for negative rental history, no verifiable income, or open bankruptcies. Guarantors will be accepted for current students with no employment or income. Guarantors must meet all eligibility requirements with income at least four times the amount of the monthly rental rate. Guarantors may cosign for one rental unit at a time with our company. 


Applicant agrees that if current or previous residence had a bedbug or other vermin infestation that all personal property [including furniture, clothing and other belongings] has been treated by a licensed pest control professional and agrees such items are free of further infestations. Verification of this will be required from a licensed pest control company who has treated the items and former unit.

Occupancy Limits - Vehicles

One Bedroom - no more than three (3) persons -Two  (2) Vehicles 

Two Bedroom - no more than five (5) persons - Two (2) Vehicles 

Three Bedroom - no more than seven (7) persons - Three (3) Vehicles 

Four Bedroom - no more than nine (9) persons - Four (4) Vehicles 

If applicable laws limit these occupancy sizes then the applicable law shall control.

ALL vehicles must be operational and parked in the driveway or garage, and may not be parked in the middle of the street or blocking neighbor access.  Vehicles may not be parked in the yard.  Non operational, wrecked or vehicles with flat tires must be repaired within 24 hours or removed from premises.  Mechanical work may not be done on the premises at any times including in the garages.


Pet policies and fees may be found on our website for the most up to date information.  Pictures of pet(s) and identifying characteristics are required per a separate document.


We gladly allow Assistance Animals as an accommodation for qualified individuals with disabilities.  However, pursuant to KRS 383.085, knowingly providing false information or documents in an attempt to obtain an Assistance Animal in housing is a criminal violation punishable by a fine of up to $1,000.00.

Criminal History

Our application processor will conduct a criminal background check on each applicant. The application will be rejected if the records show a history of any of the following: For the purposes of this application, a “conviction” includes any conviction, guilty plea, Alford plea, no contest plea, or any final adjudication other than “not guilty”.  

a. Any drug-related conviction for manufacturing, trafficking, or distribution of an illegal substance during the past 7 years unless documentation can be provided from a private or public agency of complete rehabilitation for at least 2 years. 

b. Any felony conviction during the past 7 years involving property damage, injury to persons, violence or failure to pay amounts owed for which restitution has not been made. 

c. Any misdemeanor conviction during the past 5 years involving property damage, injuries to persons, violence or failure to pay amounts owed for which restitution has not been made.  

D. Any conviction which requires any resident or applicant to register as a sex offender on any local, state or national registry will result in automatic denial.


Please note: all of our properties may be within 1,000 feet of a school, publicly owned daycare or licensed daycare facility. If you believe you may be restricted from residing in such proximity to one of these facilities, please consult with the appropriate authority prior to submitting an application or signing a lease.    

Our decisions are based on the information provided by a third party verification service at the time of application.  We are not responsible for inaccurate information obtained.

False Information

Providing false information on any application or at any time during the leasing process will be considered a material breach of the lease and will result in immediate termination.